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Who will be the top Dessert Brands, Sweet Shops & Bakeries?


We’re a Hospitality publication covering the best in the industry. So, our editors are choosing the top Hotels, Restaurants, Bakeries, Candy, Chocolate, & Cake Brands, Products, Designers, Projects & Technology Companies across the nation & in each major metropolitan area. And, the best Hotels, Restaurants, Brands, Designers & Tech Companies are helping us by showcasing their best projects & offering their top recommendations.


Create the most legitimate list of Brands, Products, Designers & Retailers chosen by those same experts & evidenced by real projects showcasing the expertise of each.


The only way to create a list with integrity is to remove the ability to pay to be on the list. Therefore all nominations are editorial which means we do not charge for them. 


All approved nominees can submit project showcases, product & brand recommendations, interviews, articles & other editorial content to display their expertise.


Sponsor Packages & Upgrades are only available to Brands who have been nominated & accepted. Industry related vendors not eligible for the competition may be eligible to sponsor.

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